Welcome to TeamGG Official Launch


Team GG is a team of Mixer streamers that want to bring new content to the platform and is looking to interact with many other streamers and players from over the internet to showcase the potential of this platform.

Our very first event will be a Speedrunning Marathon to be hosted from Sept 28th to Sept 30th which will feature the multiple interactive functions of the platform to rewards both viewers and participants in different ways, make sure to check that out in our Mixer Channel

Other events such as tournaments, showcases, interviews and many things will happen in the future and everyone is allowed to participate in them, it doesn’t matter which platform you normally use, Team GG will allow anyone to participate in our events.

Also, you will be able to find a lot of gaming news, articles, tutorials and many more content on the website every week.

We hope you enjoy the project and decide to form part of the community, if you want to know more about everything that we have planned, make sure to join the Discord and follow us on Twitter



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