Playstation Classic Announced – Decemeber 2018


After the amazing success of both the NES Classic and the SNES classic, we were expecting to see an N64 classic during this holiday season, but instead, it seems that we will be seeing another fan favorite from a different brand (Sony).

That’s right, on the verge of Tokyo Game Show about to start, Sony decided to kick off the awesome announcements we will be seeing this weekend with the launch trailer of the PSX Classic that will be released on Decemeber 3rd this year.

What we can see is the confirmation of some title that it will include such as tekken 3 and Final Fantasy 7 among others, but yet, the official game list of 20 titles is to be revealed, I’m sure we can be expecting Crash and Spyro making the cut, most likely Metal Gear and we will see what else.

From the picture above, we can see what is included in the initial bundle. Just as with the previous classic consoles, the video output will be via HDMI and this time, the controllers have a USB connection, so you should be able to use them on your PC as well without the need of an adapter.

On the other side, it feels kind of bad that the controllers are not the Dual Shock to get the full experience of the potential that the PSX has.

It would be pretty interesting how the emulation on this classic console works, maybe the loading times are optimized which would be pretty good, specially for newer generations that might try PSX for their first time and are not so used to loading times as large as they used to take 25 years ago.

So let us know in the comments section below, what are your expectations for this console? Any specific title you are looking forward to be included?

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