Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



What is Team GG?

Team GG is a group of people that decided to start a journey on the Mixer Platform with the main objective being to bring events and quality content that currently doesn't have so much presence in Mixer (Such as Speedrunning Marathons, eSports Tournaments and other types of events).

In addition to that, we also try to help the whole community, whether part of Team GG or not by bringing up tutorials for streaming, creating graphics and video content for other streamers, raiding other raid friendly channels and more.

Why did you choose Mixer as the main Platform?

Currently, Mixer offers very good tools for interactive streams, also the FTL technology is amazing to interact with viewers and overall seems like a better platform for new streamers trying to build an audience, at least to our opinion. Being a newer platform that is getting so much support from Microsoft, 0ne can only expect it will grow very quick.

Can I be a part of Team GG?

If you are a Mixer streamer, you can definitely be a part of Team GG, just make sure to join our Discord for more information, everyone is welcome!

Where can I find all the streamers of Team GG?

We will be having a whole section in the website pretty soon, dedicated to the Team GG streamers, meanwhile, your best option would be to look in our Mixer Team Page